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AdenClassified : le business des petites annonces on-line

Le business des petites annonces on-line - Ma-Tvideo France3
Leader des annonces classées sur Internet, AdenClassifieds est bien connue des boursicoteurs, mais peu du grand public. Grâce à ses marques (Cadremploi, Keljob, Kelformation…), elle développe sa notoriété et répond à deux préoccupations universelles : réussir sa vie professionnelle et trouver un logement. Thibault Gemignani, directeur général d’AdenClassifieds, présente les résultats de 2008. La suite sur
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Why post a job on Adenclassifieds

Adenclassifieds’ products and services are mainly targeted towards recruitment, training and real estate professionals, such as companies, employment agencies, training centres, schools, universities, estate agents, real estate promoters, etc. The business activity of Adenclassifieds is therefore essentially BtoB.
Adenclassifieds considers itself to be the only Internet “pure player” to be promoting a multi-product offer in its three business segments through the use of well-known complementary brands which have imposed their own benchmark standards in their markets. This segmentation strategy allows Adenclassifieds to better adapt its offer to the specific requirements of each customer. Adenclassifieds' products

Why post a job on and and offer recruiters a complete range of services to find large number of unqualified and qualified candidates in France.
Thanks to separate marketing activities and websites contents, and attract largest number of candidates and succeeded in having only 10% common candidates between both sites.
For information concerning job posting, please see and respective pages.

Marketing Activities

CVaden : access to and CV databases.
CVaden is a powerful tool giving you access to both and CV database :
  • and gather more than 6 million visits each month;
  • 20 000 new resumes each week;
  • Relevance: an advanced search engine to find the good candidate among 2.8 million resumes with a very low duplication rate (only 10%).

Job Posting Offer

See page about or

Number of Offices and main office is located in Paris and we are also set up in Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Rennes, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Reims and Orléans.

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